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Cuma tinggal dekat bahagian kanan yang kosong tu. Lepastu dah siap.

If I bercakap tentang making money on the platform, you will be surprised on how easy and how much money you can make. But that’s not the whole idea.

My idea is saya nak semua orang dapatkan The Right Education. My idea is to make sure kita semua buat Personal Development. Sampai bila ? Sampai akhirat.

Why not ? There’s so many things to learn in life. There’s so many skills to acquire. There’s so many mountains to conquer. There’s so many canvas to paint. There’s so many songs to sing.

And more so, there’s so many good deeds to do.

So dalam platform ni apa yang kita akan buat is only training and training and training. To get better and better and better. Sampai bila ? Sampai jadi Champion.

Money doesn’t matter. Money akan datang automatik if we do the right thing. Why worry ?

The Art of War teaches you that everything is predictable. Ini salah satu dalam syllabus Bigboys Education ni.

Now, you should be worry only if you are not doing the right thing. You tahu I tahu what is not the right thing to do. Perkara yang buang masa dan sia sia.

Tak perlu ajar, you know I know.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader


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