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In Big Boys Academy, you will be coached and trained to be a big boy. Someone that is independent in thought, ideas, belief, finance and lifestyle.

Someone who is willing to fight for his course. Someone who is willing to sacrifice everything to get what he want and to be in the place where he want to be.

Someone who has the gut to rise the challenges. Tough enough to go against the tough time.

The education and training provided will enable you to stop being a crying small boy.

A crying small boy is someone who is very dependent. Someone who always crying and complaining. Someone is so desperate for other peoples attention.

Someone who always seek the attention and assistant from their parents, elders, leaders, government and society.

If you’re not willing to become the crying small boy for the rest of your life so start thinking correctly and act accordingly.

Join the Big Boys Academy now and start being a big boy.

The real world has no place for a small crying boy. Its a tough world. Only the big boys will survive, thrive and excel.

To all baby boy out there, stop being a baby. Stop crying and complaining. Stand up and grow now. Join the academy and be a big boy.

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Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader


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