Trading is one of high income skill. But trading is high risk. The only way to eliminate high risk is to have a coach, education n practice.

You cannot be karate champ just by reading books. Same as you cannot master trading skill just by studying ebook or going to classes.

You need to practice what you learn. And most important you must be self-sufficient and independent in trading.

Create your own trading guidelines n principles. Follow your rules. And find your own tune…

Start being responsible on your own money…

If you can trade well, actually capital will come. Who doesn’t want a good consistent trader?

Today not many people are willing to spend their money, time, energy and commitment to learn. They want money yet they don’t want to learn the process of making money.

Yes, the process is slow, boring and lengthy… But if you master the skill, you can survive anywhere.

Many people thought they can grow their small account. Many times they tried and it looks like it’s working. But it doesn’t.

So what does it takes to do that?
It takes an organized plan, specialized skillsets, discipline and require a specific time to do that.

Average trader can be profitable if they seek for 10-20% a month with low risk tolerance (10-20% drawdown)

If you can be the average trader, investor will come. Then small capital is not a problem anymore….

The problem is your own personal development… Are you learning it right? Are you practising it right? Are you focusing on the process or money?


An Entrepreneur, Financial Planner, Trader and a Coach

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