It is a smart world that we are living today.

Smart phone
Smart city
Smart platform
Smart application
Smart Meeting
Smart education

Everything made easy for us.

Today you no longer need to spend time and energy to vacuum your house. A robot can ensure the work is done. You can track the robot using smartphone. Very smart way of doing thing

Dont be just an Entrepreneur. But transform yourself into Technopreneur.
(An Entrepreneur that is leveraging and maximizing on Technology.)

Start to develop a new habit. Start to grow yourself by studying n’ putting more inputs and contents inside you. You can find almost every knowledge you need on Youtube. Such as…

Learning on Finance…
Learning on Economy…
Learning on English…
Learning on Trading…
So on and so on

A Technopreneur think in a simple and easiest way possible but yet powerful. Because they empower themselves by leveraging on technology to do things in a smarter way.

And to do that you need to train your mind how to think correctly and at the same time to act accordingly.

Consciousness and competency.

So develop your consciousness and develop your competency thru learning and continues training.

Practice what you learned and learn thru every mistakes you’ve made during the practices.

You see when every problem has solution, that means Problem is Opportunity. If you can think of the solution, you will get the reward.

So yes crisis is happening, but it’s in your mind
You just need to be smart enough to flip the table.
Be courageous…. Dare and you will see
Problem is Opportunity.


Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader

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