You see… kalau dulu Tahun 1960 Lim Goh Tong datang pada you n cakap nak buat Resort atas bukit, you akan cakap dia gila. Tahun 1960 kot. Teknologi mcm mana. Modal macam mana.

Mungkin untuk tunjukkan yg you ni “smartass” – you akan minta dia tunjuk kan biznes plan.

Come on… Lim Goh Tong sekolah pun tak habis tau. Modal pun tak ada. Kalau dia datang dkt you n you suruh dia balik buat biznes plan, you agak agak lah dia akan cakap apa?

Kalau bukan “Gotohell” mungkin dia akan jawab “Fuck You!”


Biznes Plan tu you boleh leverage actually. Just like many other things. You boleh bayar or collab dgn org lain untuk buatkan. Do you want to waste your time doing everything by yourself? And then you want to claim you are the BigBoys? What are you talking about ni….


So listen and discuss on the plan dulu. Itu sebabnya ada paper yg dipanggil “MOU” Memorandum of Understanding in corporation world. It is what we agreed together about the plan.

Learn how to work in a team.
The name of the game is to Collaborate, not to Compete. Learn to leverage on each other.

But if we assume Lim Goh Tong gila…. Definitely kita kawan Lim Goh Tong yg tak dapat apa today.

So simple tips today,
You learn to ask, not assume.

So that when you ask, you can get a better overview, you can challenge the idea and both of you and your partner automatically will enter to a process of critical thinking to form a solution.

This is the natural process.

The process where Lim Goh Tong lalui. He went from a friend to another friend to tell the mission and the dream. And whoever wanting to fit themselves into the plan walk the journey together.

If somebody yang design the plan is not competent enough to carry out the plan, change the person. Not the plan. Don’t be an idiot to reject a workable plan.

But be somebody that add value to the plan.
Be solution contributor, not problem contributor.

It is easy to understand kan? But why most people doing it wrong?

Because they have a cheapsmall mindset. Don’t be like them. They maybe have good money in their pocket, but they are cheapsmall. They have ceiling to their mind. Macam katak bawah tempurung…. Rugi

Chipsmore pun boleh makan… cheapsmall? They only bring you down to their level. Don’t be like them. Be bigger everyday. Your mindset must be bigger than you everyday.

Kalau tidak,
sampai bila bila Melayu takkan naik TOP IO orang terkaya dunia. Because these cheapsmall is everywhere around us.

So just remember,

The name of the game is to Collaborate not Compete.
And in any collaboration there should be a Trade
Nothing we call as a Free Lunch…

Share this. Let the spirit of Melayu bangkit.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
An Entrepreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader

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