My Baby You..

Are the reason I could fly,
And cause of You,
I don’t have to wonder why…

You’re the reason I feel so Alive

Babycry. Itu tak boleh. Ini tak boleh. Itu susah. Ini susah. Perangainya bagaimana? Always merengek saja. Always know how to complaint. Kerjanya apa? Hisap nenen. Tunggu disuap saja. Always feel lonely seeking for attention.

Babycry always dependent. Always nak bergantung to their parents, brothers and sisters, bosses and leaders, society and the government.

Babycry is always in you walaupun dah berumur 50 tahun. Tak pernah membesar. Tak cukup gaji, salah boss. Tak ada pekerjaan, salah kerajaan. Tak cukup duit, minta pada mak ayah dan abang kakak.

But the Bigboys are different.

They dream big. They plan big. They work their plan. They fight every battle. They do it better and better and better until they become the Winner.

Mungkin dia tak ada talent.
Tapi dia work harder and harder everyday.
They get better.

Until determination beats talent.

My baby,
It’s your choice if you want to stay as babycry.
I don’t want. I feel shy. I want to live the best of Life.

So I choose to become the BigBoy.

And if you want to become the Bigboy,
You need a Real Coach.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader

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