If You Understand Financial Instrument Trading Industry is a Recession-Proof Business, You Would Start to Learn Today!

We are diving deeper and deeper into an economic recession. Now let us all check on our current financial situation? Are we ready to survive the no-job situation?

Ok fine. This will end… But the question is how long? And if it happens again in another 10 years, what will happen to you?

The conventional idea of working is obsolete today. Many thought by seeking for a job, they can survive and get a guaranteed salary but yet they suffer from their own choice when the 10-years cycle and 100-years cycle hit them.
(Do your own study for the past 10 years and 100 years economy situation)

Financial Instrument Trading Skill made me survive in any kind of situation. This industry always survive and grow even better in recession.

Trading Skill is like Cooking. You still cook even you are not a chef. You earn elsewhere, not by cooking, but you still cook to eat.
Both are Survival Skill.

I always mentioned, Trading is High Risk for a Beginner. Average Trader starts to be consistent after 2-3 Years. But you need to start now or else you will not get there on time. And by the time you start, it may be too late again like today…

Start trading today but create your personal financial plan to get where you want to be. And many still do not know your personal financial planning is actually about your Personal Development….

So, IF You Develop Yourself, You Will Develop Your Wealth.

My best advice to you is “Stop looking for job, start building yourself and your career.” If you would like to join me and my team in a Journey to Financial Freedom and Building Wealth, engage me now.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader

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