These four principles have been rightly called the ” Big Four ” because they are capable of providing more power than the average person needs in order to be carried to great heights of personal achievements.

1. *The Habit of Going the Extra Mile*.

This principle is given first because it aids in conditioning the mind for the rendering of useful service. And this conditioning prepares the way for the second principle.

2. *Definiteness of Purpose*

With the aid of this principle one may give organized direction to the principle of *Going the Extra Mile*, and make sure that it leads in the direction of one’s major purpose and become cumulative in its effects.

These two principles alone will take anyone very far up the ladder of achievement, but those who are aiming for the higher goals of life will need much help on the way, and this help is available through the application of the third principle.

3. *The Master Mind*

Through the application of this principle one begins to experience a new and greater sense of power which is not available to the individual mind, as it bridges one’s personal deficiencies and provides one, when necessary, with any port├Čon of the combined knowledge of humankind which has been accumulated down through the ages. But this sense of power will not be complete until one acquires the art of receiving guidance through the fourth principle.

4. *Applied Faith*

Here the individual begins to tune in to the powers of Infinite Intelligence, which is a benefit that is available only to those who have conditioned their minds to receive it. Here, individuals begin to take full possession of their own mind by mastering all fears, worries and doubts, by recognizing their oneness with the source of all power.

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