The BigBoys Academy is an education institution established for all the baby cries out there who really want to change their lives.

We’re going to educate you and train you with the right education and skills set training to enable you to survive and be independent in the real world.

The real world is tough, hard and unfair. No place for baby cry. Only the big boys will survive and excel.

So it is very important to have the right mindset, attitude, knowledge, skills and habits to survive in the real world.

The current education system is out dated and obsolete. It create and develop liabilities that only lead to a social and financial problems.

The problems that even a country as big as the USA and many other advance countries couldn’t solve.

A global problems that lead us into so many crisis.

So, let’s turn around the world. Make it a better place for you and me and to our next generation.

Be part of the solution not the problem. We deserve a better world, a better life and a better future. The world we always dreamed for.

Its a big dream. Its long journey. It may take our whole life to realize this dream. But it’s going to be an exciting journey. An exciting experience.

So let’s begin our journey now. Let’s take the first baby step. Join the academy. Start the education. Start the training and enjoy the process. The process of becoming a big boy.

Just remember this, the real world is the big boys world. There is no place for baby cry. So stop crying and start becoming a big boy.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader

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