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What is the most common question do you get from your financial adviser? “How much you can save?” Or “how much is your excess income?” Is it true? Yes?.

Why do you think they ask you this question?
What do you have in mind could be this… “maybe they want to help me grow my savings..” Yes i want to believe that is their intention.

So you ended up getting an advise of
“Hey dude… Know your standard. If your standard is RM5,000 a month, please live below your means…. Save more money and buy more of my invesment product… So i can get more commission…”

And the problem is many self-claimed financial advisor out there did not understand Personal Financial Planning. What they are doing for you is Financial Management, and it is not wrong but it is also not a Financial Planning.

So Personal Financial Planning consists of this 3 Components….

1. CashFlow – Acquiring the essential skills set that produce income @ cash and a management system of controlling the direction of the flow of the income @ cash.

2. Leverage – Knowledge and skills of how to leverage on others..people, system and technology.

3. Hedge – Knowledge and skill of how to protect your income and assets.

Today, start to focus on this 3 components.
What you need is not developing money, what you need is actually to Develop Yourself.

On the journey, you will actually Learn n’ Earn. You will keep the process going because it is never ending process
So be a Lifetime Student.

Coach #RizwanRamalan
A Technopreneur, Financial Planner and a Trader


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